STARKID WAS SO MUCH FUN LAST NIGHT! Trail to Oregon was great, and I think Chris Viscious is gonna be super fun when it’s done.

Two shows down, two to go and I am so excited for these shows tonight! Gonna get ready and then CUPCAKE ATM FUCKING YES

reglna asked: i want to do nasty things to your icon :<





Disney Princesses as sloths.

but why

Oh my god



Agent Bering, seems we’re forever destined to meet at gunpoint.

#no #but i actually cannot handle this gifset #it fucking breaks me #those bottom two? #fuck #every time i see that scene #HG’s fear just RADIATES from her #she’s terrified when Sykes makes her shoot towards Myka #scared that Myka will think this is somehow Reset all over again #think that HG has betrayed her once more #you can HEAR it in her voice #you can fucking see the panic on her face #and the fucking chess lock #both of them crying #because HG doesn’t have enough faith in herself to find the answer #but Myka believes in her #even after everything she’s done #and she trusts HG enough to make the move that should be illegal #should end her life #because she TRUSTS HG #just like she trusted her the last time the woman had a gun trained on her #she trusts her not pull the trigger #trusts her to save her life #and while HG might not be able to believe it or accept it #she doesn’t abuse that trust again #she saves Myka’s life #twice #three times really #even if the Janus coin was never destroyed #because Myka has become not only the one thing in the world worth living for (via redlance)

oh fuck you Redlance

The Buffy Exchange - For buffyofwinterfell aka incorrectbuffyquotes 

number of times I’ve used a pic of mariska hargitay to get my hair cut: 2

number of times I’ve been super happy with how my hair has been cut: 2


Happy birthday to the amazing and incredibly talented Lana Parrilla. ♥

Going into nominations, Donny definitely broke my trust, but now I feel like a horrible person, my heart is broken, and I feel super bad and I want him to forgive me.

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