Swan Queen Countdown: [7/7] Quotes

     ↳"You may not be strong enough, but maybe we are."

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better season finale moment between these two. This is, truly, the first firm step towards a decent, and long-lasting relationship between these two.

Season one gave us a Regina that was desperate to hang on to her son at all costs, and an overwhelming desire for a controlling sort of love with him. And Emma proved the perfect antithesis for those motives by repeatedly being presented to Henry as the fun parent; the one to share secrets with and play out secret spy missions.

But in season two, both women were unable to keep up those paths; Regina discovered how destructive her behavior was with Henry, and left her no option but to make a healthier relationship her aspiration. 

Emma, on the other hand, was given the full parental freedom she thought she craved, only to find that it was not as easy as it seemed; being unable to comfort Henry, being ill-prepared to mother, and struggling to live up to his expectations of her.

And the finale gave us this moment of desired equilibrium. With Emma realizing what Regina seemed to also be discovering over the past year; that although they had similar pasts, and they were both screwed up in their own ways, they somehow compliment each other.

That while apart their flaws and insecurities hinder them, together they’re stronger than they ever are alone.

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